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Zen Moving Recipt

Full Name rohit
Email rohit@blissitsolutions.com
Telephone 8754212541
Owner Address From chd
Owner Address To chd manimajra
Driver License NO. State 5878787
Driver License NO. ID 454544
Moving from FGCU Boulevard South, Fort Myers, FL, United States
Moving To FGCU Boulevard South, Fort Myers, FL, United States
Moving Size 2 Bedroom
Move Date 07/01/2016
Moving Services Assemble/Disassemble service $40.00/hr
Itemize charge Junk removal 1 Yard
Itemize surcharge Junk removal
Piano Service
Piano Description Baby Grand Model:baby Brand:modfel Year:2004 Cost:56
Concert Grand Model:12 Brand: Year:sssssssss Cost:rrrrrrrrrrr
Medium Grand Model:dvV Brand:dsvv Year:vs Cost:vvfv
Parlor Grand Model:ABCD Brand:1234 Year:ffffffffffff Cost:rrrrrrrrrr
Spinet Model:baby Brand:modfel Year:2004 Cost:56
Semiconcert Model:dvsdfs Brand:dvsdv Year:dsvdsv Cost:dvsvv
Ballroom Model:ABCDEFG Brand:1234567 Year:jjjjjjjj Cost:555555555
Upright Model:ABCDEFGH Brand:12345678 Year:jjjjjjjjjj Cost:666666666666

Additional Movers 0 Movers
Estimated Time 4 Hours
Time of Arrival 12 PM
Promo Code 356565
Tip 1.50
Discount 20%
Total Price $162